Can You Remember Why You Are Here?

Can You Remember Why You Are Here?

And Why It’s Important That You Do…

I had to review a workshop recently; one of those “change your life” type propositions. Interestingly, for me, the majority of participants were from corporate rather than self employed life. And I was shocked.


Out of the twenty or so participants, more than half of them hated their jobs and their current lifestyle and wanted out. One girl talked about how, even though she had the job of her dreams, she cried on the tube as she hated going into her workplace. Her employers demanded absolute dedication, not to mention long hours, but never said thank you or praised her for her work. Another participant talked about her stressful job and workplace, which she tried to counter with yogic breathing at her desk, multiple drops of rescue remedy and positive affirmations.


The facilitator, who had left corporate life long ago, was a straight talking New Yorker who wasn’t afraid to tell them enough was enough and they were killing themselves. Interestingly, a lot of them took the blame for their problems, wondering if they were up to the job, if they somehow worked smarter or harder, would it get better? Denial is a wonderful thing.
My PR colleagues

Simba and Bamboo, my colleagues


So, why is this relevant to us, in the word of business? Well, for a start I said a little prayer of thanks that I wasn’t part of this world. I work for myself and I have a great boss. She lets me go for a swim or long walk in the lunchtime, arrange my days how I like and the commute is less than five metres. My workmates are my beautiful kittens Simba and Bamboo, and although they I may have to work the occasional evening or weekend but that’s well worth the sacrifice. Going to this workshop helped me remember this.


More than this though, I am lucky enough to be doing something I love to do. I work with clients that I personally like and connect with and I structure my own days any way I feel like. Consequently, all I have to do is a make a little tweak to feel refreshed and enthusiastic about my work whenever I want, and that’s really important. Why? Because anyone, from a journalist that wants to talk to you about your business, to a prospective client trying to ascertain how you can help them, wants to hear that enthusiasm, that excitement, that genuine love that you (hopefully) have for what you do.


It’s often the big divide between them and us: the corporate and the small business world. Sure, an employee can get passionate about what they do, but they don’t own it. It’s not part of them. They can walk away any time they want and transfer that loyalty to another firm. Our business is in our pores, under our skin, and appears in our dreams. So, when you’re looking at another yet to do list, why not look back instead at your to-done list and celebrate how much you’ve achieved; reminisce about how your life has improved since leaving corporate life, and remember why you started your business in the first place.


Then go and make some calls to journalists, potential clients or collaborators. Go and show them your passion and see what a difference it makes.


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