7 Ways to Keep PR Going For The Summer

7 Ways to Keep PR Going For The Summer

Easy No-fuss PR Ideas That Won’t Take Too Much Time

I wrote recently here about whether you should continue to keep up your PR activities over the summer months and I hope that I persuaded you that it was a good idea. However, if you’re wondering what activities would be the best to spend your precious time and resources on I’ve come up with some ideas here:

PR ideas

Writing a blog by the pool perhaps?

  1. Blog: You can write a blog post at the beach so there’s no excuse here. People commonly let their blogs dwindle away over the summer months, but if you’re producing good quality content of at least 350 words per post, you’ll have the edge on them and keep Google happy at the same time.
  2. Pick up the phone: If you haven’t got the time to write a press release at the moment, a time effective alternative is just to pick up the phone and tell the journalist your idea/pitch. They may ask you send something over (and then you will probably have to write that release!) but at least that way you can check if there’s some interest in the first place. The summer season is notoriously light on stories (it’s often called silly season) so you may be facing better odds too.
  3. Have a coffee: If you can find a journalist or even business contact who isn’t heading off, or has had their break already, then then could be a good time to arrange a coffee and take advantage of some cafe culture whilst building bonds. As a rule it’s probably easier for people to take time off from the office routine when it’s been disrupted, as it is in the summer.
  4. Use your teenager: If there’s an aspect of social media you’d like to get to grips with and you have access to a teenager over the summer holiday, get them to help you. My 12 year old daughter took me through how to use instagram and my son videoed me a few years ago for a short video series on PR.
  5. Let yourself be playful: If you haven’t yet discovered Pinterest or Instagram, these are fun, creative ways that you can promote your business, and perfect for devoting a little low-effort summer time to.
  6. Write: If things are quieter than usual, use this extra time to write; write that ebook to help boost newsletter sales; write those articles for syndication sites that have been sitting on your to do list for the last eight month. You can even write that book you’ve been talking about! Think about your writing as a summer project.
  7. Plan: Using this time to plan gives you a headstart when it comes to the Autumn months when things start gearing up again. If you’d like an intensive planning session that covers PR, marketing and social media, as well as another three months of PR coaching, then take a look at my PR Makeover, and join me for afternoon tea on the terrace of one of London’s most prestigious hotels.


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