Trying to Make A Difference Through PR

Trying to Make A Difference Through PR

Working with

Charity work is one of the things that I’ve been saying I’d do for years. You know. When the time is right. Whatever that means. After a couple of stressful years (separation, moving house, bereavement, GCSE and A level exams and all that entails during the teenage years), I realised I was in danger of becoming too self absorbed and decided that well, the time might as well be now, and so decided to work with Child Aid, as they have a project that really drew me in.

The tip where the girls live and scavange

It’s called the AAK Salem project and it basically helps young girls – orphans or untouchables who weren’t wanted by their parents, who have been living rough in rubbish dump, scavenging off whatever they can find, or selling things like plastic bottles and rags. The project takes these girls, who are also at risk of being dragged into human trafficking, and gives them a home and a proper childhood in an orphanage.

Founder, David Pryke told me the story of Bugi:

Bugi after some time with

Bugi after some time with

“Bugi was very young when she witnessed her father kill her mother. The father was sentenced and Bugi was left all alone, until she was taken in by us. The worst thing was that she was so traumatised that she didn’t speak for five/six years, no one knew the story from her own lips. When we arrived, she had never met non-Indians before and delightfully took a liking to us.  She spoke for the first time, the Sisters were amazed.

We can only rescue a few and have tended to limit it to young girls (who are vulnerable ) and girls without parents.  None of these children know what a `childhood` is all about.

I’ve offered to help the charity find sponsors for these young girls at only £10 a month – that’s a couple of cappuccinos and a cake by my reckoning. Anyway, if you’d like to find out more or sponsor one of the girls do take a look at:

If you’d be interested in interviewing David for your newsletter/blog please contact me, or indeed do drop me a line if you have any suggestions that might help!

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