Should Instagram be Part of Your PR Strategy?

Should Instagram be Part of Your PR Strategy?

Instagram can be a very effective way for professionals in the lifestyle arena to reach clients and customers and build an authentic brand. With a little tweaking (and filters) you can decide whether you want your Instagram account to cream glamour, excitement or just explain what you do in pictures.

So, should Instagram be part of your PR strategy? Yes, I think so. And here are some Instagram tips that may just help.

1. Think about Your Profile Description

Unlike other social networking platforms, using Instagram as part of your marketing strategy isn’t obvious. Your photos don’t link to your website so you need to include these details on your profile and hope people take a look at that, or, laboriously type it out with every photo description you put up.

2. Cultivate a New Tribe

You need to think about your Instagram followers as another tribe of followers. These are a new audience that may not be the same ones that read your newsletter or see your Tweets. You can choose whether you want to direct them onto your newsletter or speak to them via pictures and woo them on Instagram itself.

3. Visual and non visual Businesses

Think yourself lucky if you have a very visual business, such as interior design or a restaurant. Instagram is a great way of capturing images to give people a little taster of your world. You can include lovely pictures of interiors you’ve worked on (before and after perhaps), or capture dishes you are experimenting with in the kitchen.

If what you do is non visual, perhaps if you are a coach or servicer professional, then you are going to have to give people either a slice of your own life, or a glimpse into the life they can achieve if they work with you. If you’re a coach Instagram can be useful for showcasing your approach. Life coach Cara Alwill Leyba of The Champagne Diet ( or Thechampagnediet) puts up little messages of motivation that get her fans commenting in droves.

4. Tie It all Together

Your Instagram photos can work as a support for more traditional channels. If you are putting out a press release and Tweeting about, say, a price reduction on your retreat in Greece, then tie your Instagram in at the same time and focus on Greece, whetting people’s appetites and hopefully encouraging them to investigate further. You can use Instagram as a type of mood board to show prospective clients the options that you offer. So, a wedding planner might post photos of beach weddings, bohemian weddings or very traditional weddings and hash tag them appropriately so that someone looking through their profile will see the range of services they can offer

How to Use Instagram For PR

You’ll need decent photos to start with. While cropping and using an Instagram filter often gives photographs that added something, just putting any old thing up won’t do, especially if you are showcasing your products. Take your pictures with your smart phone app, rather than the Instagram camera, and then upload from your phone.

Like all social media platforms, the clue is in the word “social”. Make sure that you interact with others by liking their photos, leaving comments and getting in touch if you think there is a connection.

Organic growth really is the only way forward with Instagram. Paying for followers is not recommended, and who wants followers who are nothing but a number anyway?

Finally, don’t forget the video function where you can showcase your business (or your cat dancing on the TV). Take a look at Sister Snog or SisterSnog) who is showcasing members by publishing tiny video snippets on Instagram.

You can find me on or under Soothedinthecity on Instagram itself.

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