Top 6 Ways To Get Paid Speaking Opportunities

01 Dec Top 6 Ways To Get Paid Speaking Opportunities

How To Find Paid Public Speaking Gigs

Susan MooreOnce again Susan Moore of Moore VA gives us an insight into getting more speaking gigs…and getting paid for them!

The higher your profile, the greater your chance of being a paid speaker. Event organisers will be more likely to pay for speakers who are better known and who can demonstrate that they are well connected and are willing to share details of an event with their own list. Here are five tips for getting paid speaking opportunities

1. Consider approaching organisations who have a budget for speakers. It sounds obvious but many smaller networks and organisations run by volunteers just don’t have the budget to pay.

2. Look for public events where attendees are paying a ticket price. Again, there is a greater chance of the organisers having a budget for speakers although the fee may depend upon the number of tickets sold.

3. Approach a speaker bureau. They work on a commission basis and will negotiate a fee on your behalf.

4. If you’re speaking at an event on an expenses only basis, ask the organisers if they can introduce you to other organisations who may have budget.

5. If you’re speaking overseas, arranging a number of speaking events during the same trip can make it cost effective for you and gives the organisers access to a speaker they might not otherwise afford.

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