Creating a Blog Strategy

Creating a Blog Strategy

How to Create A Blog Strategy That Works For Your Business

Jane Heaton of  answers a reader’s question on how to create a blog strategy…

We tend to blog about topical things as they arise but are wondering if we need more of a strategy. Where would you suggest we start?

Jane Heaton talks about content marketingThis is something you can develop in small stages. The first step would just be to think a bit further ahead that the ‘next’ blog post. How far ahead will depend on your business. For example, if it’s something that has a seasonal flavour like fashion or weight loss coaching, then it’s fairly easy to think about the upcoming 6 or 12 months and what your audience might be interested in at various points in the year. Chances are you can even look back over your last year’s posts and see a pattern.

Most of us can get inside the head of our ideal customer and think about the most common questions or issues they have. So, even if there is no particular seasonality to your business, you can set up a simple planning calendar and allocate topics related to those questions and issues to specific months or weeks.

Start by thinking about the next 6 to 12 months in broad terms and then plan the next month or the next 2 or 3 months in more detail – perhaps jotting down a few specific draft blog titles next to specific dates. Keep some slots open for those topical things that you know from experience will just pop up.

The other simple thing to do is set a specific publishing schedule. So, agree how often you will post and on which days. For example, once a week on a Tuesday. Because you are planning ahead, this will be easier to achieve than if, say, you are scrabbling around every Tuesday morning for something topical to write about or comment on.

Both of these things – having a calendar and publishing schedule – also makes it easier to identify and manage guest contributors (either people who write for you or people you want to interview) if you use them or want to introduce them as part of your strategy.

You can find out more about Jane here.

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