Why You Shouldn't Publish Your Blog Posts As A Book

Why You Shouldn't Publish Your Blog Posts As A Book

Joe Gregory

…And What You Can Do Instead.

Our latest expert, Joe Gregory of http://booksbringbusiness.com/ answers your question on gathering material for a book.

Would it be ok to gather together all my blog posts and use them as material for a book, or should it be original?

Yes, but it may not be a good way to write a great book.

Many people are turning their high-traffic blogs into books as a way of earning income from them. Offering an easy to digest archive of posts is definitely a value-add because books are still much easier to read than blog posts. If you have a large number of engaged visitors I’m certain they will be happy to pay to get your content in a more convenient format.

However, there are several downsides to simply collecting blog posts and putting them into book form.

One downside is that many blogs are written with a general theme in mind, but no coherent structure. The topics covered are often driven by the latest news story or meme rather than an overriding editorial direction. In contrast, good non-fiction books have a narrative flow, are logical and make a compelling case, provide key skills or bring about a transformation for the reader.

Even if people love your individual blog posts, ask yourself: “Will putting them into a book provide a logical, structured narrative for my intended reader?” If the answer isn’t a definite yes, then you should start with a clear structure instead. Once you have a structure, you can re-purpose good content from your existing blog posts, but your book will be much better as a result.

If you’re in it for some quick income, fine – take your blog posts and turn them into an archive/digest. If, however, you want to write a book that builds your reputation as an authority it’s best to start from the beginning.

You can find out more about Joe at http://booksbringbusiness.com/

  • Sandra Piddock
    Posted at 14:22h, 15 December Reply

    That’s interesting, because I’m just in the process of of turning my popular blog posts about my puppy into a book. I’m using them more as reminders and springboards, rather than just publishing as-is, so I’d say I’m repurposing in the right way.

    Blogging the book is a great way to get feedback and suggestions too – one of my fellow writers in Spain has just done that with a book about Catalan history.

  • Joe Gregory
    Posted at 13:18h, 27 March Reply

    Hey Sandra

    It sounds to me you’re going about things the right way.

    I also think blogging a book (kind of doing it in reverse) helps to test your instincts with a live, and hopefully receptive, audience.

    Best of luck with your book and keep us posted.

    Warm Wishes

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