What You Can Expect From A PR Company

What You Can Expect From A PR Company

Catherine Warrilow of Seriously PR speaks frankly about what you can expect your PR company to deliver and do for you…

seriously pr logo1. Manage incoming requests from the media.

As well as sending out regular news releases and sound bites, your PR agency should be on the receiving end of requests for information, features and images from their trusted journalist contacts. They will also subscribe to media services which filter through relevant requests to them, meaning that they have all of the latest opportunities to secure press coverage at their finger tips.

2. Manage press events.

PR agencies often host press days to bring together a group of journalists to see and experience a new product or service. This will often be held at a hotel or client’s offices as appropriate. It is a chance to engage with the media, answer questions and build up relationships in order to secure press exposure for the brand. Journalists enjoy meeting the business owner or the brains behind the brand.

3. Integrate a social and digital strategy.

Today it is integral for a good PR agency to use digital and social tools to work with the media, communicate with journalists, distribute news and secure coverage. A PR agency will use a wide range of methods to use online and social opportunities to their full potential in order to make sure a news story is shared, received and results in great coverage.

4. Incorporate photography and video.

The kind of agency you should be look to hire will either have retained photography and videography resource or will recommend a service to you. Your PR agency will know exactly what style of shots the press require and how to supply them. And echoing back to point 3, video is an essential part of any PR strategy today, so they should advise you on how to incorporate video content and either commission a provider for you or provide the service to you for a fee.

5. Deal with a crisis.

In an ideal world it’s all plain sailing, however in the real world, no business is invincible and there is always a possibility that a negative review gets out of control, there’s an accident or product recall. A PR agency will be able to brief you on what to say and not say to the media, handle enquiries for you and brief staff on how to behave. If you work in an industry particularly susceptible to a crisis then hire a specialist agency.

Catherine is the founder of www.seriouslypr.co.uk

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