The Ten Types of Blog Posts

The Ten Types of Blog Posts

How to come up with ideas for blog posts

Carole Seawert of takes you through a selection of different blog posts to give you inspiration for your own writing.

Carole Seawert, Do Your Own PR expertIf you are a blogger, you need to come up with a different post, week in, week out. Not surprisingly, it can sometimes be hard to decide what to write about. Next time you are stuck for ideas, here are ten different types of article for you to try:

 1. Lists

‘Five reasons to turn down a project’
‘Ten best apps for busy executives’

2. How to…

‘How to link your blog to your Facebook page’
‘How to make your own Easter eggs’

3. Top tips

‘Top ten tips for taking portraits of your kids’
‘Four tips for a more productive day’

4. Personal stories

‘My three biggest mistakes and what I learned from them’
‘I turned my hobby into a lucrative business’ These can be stories provided by guest writers – they don’t always have to be about you.

5. Opinion pieces

‘XYZ: the best thing since sliced bread’
‘Why homeopathy doesn’t work’

Opinion pieces are great if you want to get a good debate going. The more opinionated and controversial you are, the more responses you will receive in the comments. But be careful not to verge on the libellous….

6. Interviews

Invite a high profile person in your niche to be interviewed on your blog. Don’t be shy – they are trying to raise their profile even higher and reach new people. You could make this available as an audio file (or video), as well as a written transcript.

7. Case studies

How XYZ earned $50,000 from their blog
How XYZ successfully changed career, aged 60

8. Reviews

Write a review of products, services or books that are relevant to your niche. This is useful if you are an affiliate of these products, as you will earn money if anyone clicks on your affiliate link – but make sure you give honest reviews. You can also write ‘pros and cons’ type reviews, listing the pluses and minuses of two more or similar products or services.

9. A series

Write a collection of posts on a single topic. For example:
‘Using Twitter to grow your sales’
‘Ideas to entertain your kids during the summer holidays’

10. A poll or survey

‘What kind of posts do you want to read about?’
‘Where are you going on holiday this year?’

Polls are great for market research and, if you use a tool like Surveymonkey, you can view the results in chart form.

Carole Seawert is a marketing copywriter . To find out more about Carole and her work click here

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