Google Hangouts, Getting More Blog Visitors and Is Facebook Worth it?

Google Hangouts, Getting More Blog Visitors and Is Facebook Worth it?

From Hangouts to Facebook, your questions anwered…

simon matthewsSimon Matthews of Bright Digital Media helps you get to grips with a few social media and blogging issues that will make a big difference to your profile.

Can you explain what Google hangouts is please, and how to use it

Google Hangouts are a great way to engage with your followers and customers. There are two types of Google Hangouts – Hangouts and Hangouts on Air.


This is an engagement tool you can use with friends and family similar to Google chat and Skype.

Hangout on Air

This is a great tool, particularly for businesses, as it allows you to set up a conversation or conference with up to 9 guests and hangout and discuss any topic, whilst broadcasting it to the rest of the world. Your Hangout is automatically broadcast live to your Google+ home page and YouTube channel for the world to see.

Setting Up and Promoting Your Hangout

It is important to host a Hangout through your Google+ business page, as this is more professional and is good promotion for your business.It is best to use Chrome as your browser when running a Hangout on Air, although most browsers will work fine.

Go to your Google+ business page, and on the left hand side you will see a drop down box, labelled ‘Google+ page’. Drop down and click on ‘My Business’ and scroll down and you will see the ‘Start a Hangout’ option.

Before you start your Hangout, make sure you link a YouTube channel with your Google+ account. You will be prompted to do this whilst setting up your Hangout on Air. You and your guests will need the Hangouts plugin, which you will also be prompted for when starting your Hangout.

I’ve been posting on my blog everyday for a couple of months now, but not seeing any real increase in traffic. Do you have any other suggestions?

First and foremost it is important to feed your blog with high quality articles. Good content is key, as this will generate more incoming links to your website, strengthen your brand, and increase loyalty from readers, customers and potential customers. Also you should ensure you follow these three steps:

  • Use a Professional Blog Design.It is important to use a professional image that represents your brand in the most effective way. This will increase credibility, reinforce your brand and help increase sales.Keep your blog simple and clutter free. This means not placing too many advertisements and unnecessary images on your blog design. This will put visitors off, and they are unlikely to read your blog.
  • Make Your Website SEO Friendly. You need to make sure search engines can find your website easily. There are a number of ways to improve SEO, but I recommend using the WordPress platform, as this has various built in SEO features. Using search engine plugins are a good idea, as this can optimise your pages, page titles and meta descriptions. Infinite SEO and the All in One SEO Pack are great plugins.
  • Research Topics. It is vital you research the topics you want to cover on your blog, and have a long term content strategy in place. This will ensure you generate targeted traffic from people who are likely to be very interested in your blog, and this will increase your chances of selling your products or services. A good way to increase traffic, is to cover popular topics. Use Google Trends to see what topics are currently popular.

I keep hearing that Facebook is dead; is it worth creating a page or group fro my brand there, baring in mind my time is short and I know it takes a bit of a push to get it going?

Facebook is not dead. Although Facebook’s organic reach is down, and people are not seeing as many posts as they used to, it is worth creating a Facebook business page for the following reasons:

1. Brand Awareness

There are ways to increase your organic reach, and ensure you are still reaching to your audience. Using quotes is an effective way – particularly inspiring and humorous ones. This can encourage lots of shares.

Using the word ‘congratulations’ in your posts will show higher in the news feed, due to the fact that it triggers something in the Facebook algorithm.

Putting images and quotes together in Memes, is a good form of promotion for some businesses. Try and make them as creative as possible.

2. Content Marketing

Use eye catching list articles and infographics. These will receive the most shares and engagement. Write longer blog posts, as these will get shared more often than shorter ones. Optimise the social share toolbar on your blog, and make it easy to find.

3. Use Facebook Ads

Using Facebook ads are a cheap and effective way to reach a lot of people in a short space of time. Run a special campaign or competition to drive traffic. Target specific audiences to ensure you attract the right people. You can even just run an ad to specifically increase page likes, or by promoting individual posts.


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