Questions about Social Media Management Tools, Blogging length and Google Plus.

Questions about Social Media Management Tools, Blogging length and Google Plus.

Simon Matthews of Bright Digital MediaSimon Matthews of Bright Digital Media answers your questions…

I know I should be using a tool to manage my social media posts but I’m not sure if it should be Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Buffer or one of the other ones out there. What would you advise?

I would definitely recommend HootSuite. This dashboard is one of the most popular, as it does an excellent job with social media management. The reasons for this is it is very user friendly and provides support for your brand and company pages. It also gives you the option to use a wide range of social media platforms. HootSuite will also provide you with a scheduling and sharing tool, as well as an Auto Schedule feature. 

Buffer is good if you are a beginner to social media management dashboards, as it’s easy to use. The downsides are that it only manages a limited number of social media accounts, and only the main social media websites are supported.
Is there a minimum word count for decent blog posts that appeal to both Google and possible customers. I’m currently writing posts of around 350-500 words but wondering if they should be longer?
There really is no strict rule to this. It depends on the subject you are blogging about, they should be as long as they need to be. As long as they serve their purpose, and you have conveyed your particular subject well, then you have achieved what you need to. 
Short Posts
Short posts tend to be between 250-500 words  These posts are quicker and easier to write on a regular basis, and are more widely read by your followers.The disadvantages are, you cannot include much detail in a short post. This could make people lose interest, depending on the subject matter, as if people need in depth help with a particular area, a short post is unlikely to include all the details. Also short posts do not rank as well on search engines, and do not attract much traffic as longer posts.
Long Posts
Long posts take longer to write, and the length of them may put some people off. The advantages are they attract more traffic. The reason for this is you can include more keywords, images and body tags in the posts. Adding images helps to break up the text a bit, and people are more likely to read the post right to the end.
Have you got any tips for how to make best use of Google Plus? I’ve got a profile and post things up there now and again but they seem to just disappear into the ether and i really don’t know what I should be doing.
Ensure you have a personal profile, as well as your business page. You can then use your personal profile to promote your business.
 Add relevant people and businesses to your circles, and you will find that the majority of people will be adding you back. This is important, as the more people in your circles, the more exposure you will have. You also need to engage with people. Do this via your personal profile – make comments, contribute to discussions, communities and hangouts. 
Check for trending topics, as this will give you an idea of what kind of content to put out there. Make sure your content is on topic, but you can be creative and use questions, surveys etc to make it more engaging. Use the search function in Google Plus to locate your target audience. Use the Ripples feature to find people and see who in particular you want to connect with.
Use Hangouts On Air to engage and impress your target audience. This is a great platform to brand you or your business as an expert or authority, and build a good following.They take a lot of planning and preparation, but can be well worth the effort. You can live stream on Google Plus, YouTube and your website.
Use Hashtags in your posts and updates, as these can then become searchable, giving you more exposure. They are not just used for Facebook and Twitter, but also Google. It is good to tag posts and updates related to a certain topic, news story or event. 
Ask people to +1 and share your posts, as these will then show in the feed of people who are following them. Ask people directly to do this, as a little call to action can work wonders.
If you have any questions for Simon, please post them in the comments below and we’ll address them in future posts. Thanks.
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