The Language of PR

The Language of PR


Learning the language of PR is a little like learning a foreign language – but not quite as hard!

Paula Gardner PR Consultant, Coach & AuthorI’m learning Italian at the moment. It’s something that I was inspired to do a few years ago when I was stranded in Rome for two weeks because of the Icelandic volcano eruption. I am also learning because giving up languages is one of the two main things in my life that I regret. The other is getting rid of a gorgeous pair of black thigh high boots in a moment of madness. I’ve haven’t been able to remedy the boot mistake yet, despite years of searching, but the language one I can do something about.

But PR has its own language too, which can be just as much as a mystery to the beginner as when to use i and gli in Italian is to me.

You’ve probably heard the terms Press Release, Tip sheets, Product Shots, digital PR and a whole host of other things bandied about, and you may well be using some of these already, but there is an art to knowing when to use each one, and how often.

It’s all about communication. Just as one perfectly composed sentence is not going to fill a whole conversation with a native Italian, one press release is not going to make an ongoing conversation with the press. You need to communicate regularly, persistently and, if it doesn’t work one time, pick yourself up and try again.

Fluency will come over time. I have clients who previously baulked at the idea of picking up the phone and talking to the press, who now do it without a moment’s angst. I have others who in the beginning just couldn’t find the time let alone the ideas to create some create PR, who have now integrated it into their routine.

What makes The Difference?

When I first started learning Italian I was a bit flaky, I have to admit. I bought a book and opened that once. My mother in law lovingly collected all the free Michel Thomas CDs that came free with The Daily Express and handed them to me. I think that there were ten of them and I didn’t get past CD two for a long while.

But what made the difference was finally deciding I either had to give up on the idea altogether (and remain stuck and extremely annoyed at myself for not even trying) or go for it.

I conjured up my vision on what learning Italian would mean to me (shopping in the Via Veneto, Rome!) and decided to go for it. I now have a one to one lesson each week with a native Italian and have come on in leaps and bounds.

So, what exactly would getting some great PR mean for you? More people coming to your site? More newsletter sign ups? More sales? Credibility? A morale boost for your team?

Are all those great things enough to get you to commit to doing some PR, or raising your PR game? What are you going to do first?

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