How to Store Your PR Ideas

How to Store Your PR Ideas

Apps and other practical ways to keep those ideas for PR campaigns safe

cuttingOnce you start doing PR you’ll see ideas for campaigns everywhere: from your competitors making a guest post somewhere to a company in a completely unrelated industry that has come up with something that you could tweak and use yourself.  Some of these ideas will be right for what you’re working on right now, others may have to brew for while. If you revisit them in a year or two, they may be perfect.

But, how do you stop these PR ideas from disappearing into the ether?

Physical Ideas

If you’ve got a cutting from a magazine or some notes you made during a workshop, you’ll need somewhere to store these. Don’t rely on being able to find the right notebook, let alone page, when you want to take another look at your ideas. Instead, go and get a folder or box-file (or even fancy shoe box from your latest pair of boots) and transfer everything that may be useful into that. Going through it is a perfect wet Sunday afternoon job and then you can decide if what you’ve included has any merit for you right now.

Web pages

If you’re anything like me you may often leave web pages open all day, promising yourself that you’ll take a proper look when you have a moment, and then close it down without finding that moment. You’ll remember it a few days later and unfortunately have no recollection what site it was, or where you came across it.  Bookmarks are simple but brilliant for this, and you can allot time to regularly go through your bookmarks. I do the same on Twitter, favouriting links that I think I might find useful later, and going back to read them all in a chunk once a week. This is invaluable for me as it stops me getting distracted and spending an hour looking at links when I’ve only gone on to make one post.

Folder on PC/Mac

It’s simple and self explanatory but do you have a folder for new ideas? If not, why not?


Whilst I’ve heard great things about Evernote I’ve never gotten around to using  it. I prefer two little apps. The first is Colour Note that lets you make checklists or notes, and colour code them. This is great for being able to categorise notes by my different businesses, and well as including personal notes and a to-do list. My client Liz Copeland also told me about Sticky notes, which are just as they sound – an app version of sticky notes. I tend to use this for links I’ve come across whilst out and about and can’t look them up right then. Together, the two note taking systems work well for me.


I’d love one of those pristine stylish offices but in reality my cat is always overturning the waste paper basket and my walls are full of these wonderful rolls of white board paper which you just tear off and stick on the wall. You can write on them with marker, just like a white board, and I love them. I have four up in my office right now and I use these for writing my short term goals, just so that they are staring at me everyday. It works!

I would love to hear what little apps and programmes work for you. Please share them below!



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  • Valeria
    Posted at 09:19h, 29 September Reply

    I run a successful design agency and would be totally lost without these apps & services:
    1. Wunderlist is my control room. Here I break down every idea, project and need into manageable tasks. Tasks are sorted by priority like this: a) To pay/get Paid, b) To call/write, c) Errands, d) Follow Leads, e) Waiting for Response, f) Backburner. GTD inspired and works wonders for me.

    2. I use Evernote for all text notes, meeting scribbles, clippings and articles. And share them with my team.

    3. Pinterest is where I place, sort and store all visual ideas and references. Sharing them and collaborating with my team is super easy.

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