How to Work With Bloggers

How to Work With Bloggers

Working With Bloggers to Get The Word Out

There is a strong school of thought that says that bloggers are fast becoming as, if not more, important than traditional press.

In some niches particularly, it is bloggers who are the big industry names and people look to them for news and feedback on new innovations. This particularly applies to tech businesses, but we’ve also seen bloggers become of huge importance in everything from food to travel to beauty to health-care. Bloggers have the ability to instantly reach their followers, rather than having to wait for the next edition, and their word can carry a lot of weight. It’s that lovely third party endorsement again.

Now, with my own travel website, I’ve seen things from the other side, working with travel and hospitality businesses who would like Soothed to spread the word about them. This means, I am in the lucky position of seeing how it works from both angles.

10 ways to find bloggers to work with you

1. Before you do anything, decide on your goals. Are you trying to reach parents of young children, entrepreneurs etc. What is your message? Are you trying to get the word out about a particular product or is this general brand building?

2.   Next, ring fence some of your resources for working with bloggers. This will mean both time and product. Bloggers are a force to be reckoned with and if you are going to do it, you need to do it right.

3.    Twitter is the place to look for bloggers in your chosen area. Once you’ve found a few of them, look at who they interact with and follow and you will have the key to the rest. Spend some quality time looking for bloggers that write about your particular area in a way that suits your brand.

4.   Narrow this list down by researching further. Look at their social media stats. They don’t have to have thousands of followers on every platform: one will do. (Platform that is, not follower!) . Indeed, most bloggers will only concentrate on a small number of platforms working on quality versus quantity. Take a look at their followers on Twitter or Google Plus for instance. Do they interact and exchange comments with the blogger? Do they look respected?

5.    Now the important bit…are they aligned with your brand and message. A famous luxury travel blogger tells the story of being approached by a camping firm – they definitely had not done their homework

6.     Do they cover your territory? If their blog is aimed at America and Canada but you only sell in Europe, obviously you need to cross them off the list

7.    Do they have a media kit? This may show other brands they have worked with (hopefully not your competitors) and the sort of  things they like to do with them

8.    Do they charge? Many bloggers will expect to be paid if you’re expecting things like sponsored posts or guest blogging. This is how they earn their living

9.     Is the rest of your team on board? If you haven’t worked with bloggers before then it can be hard to convince a company that doesn’t know much about the area. Making yourself the go-to person on bloggers in your industry does wonders for your reputation and you’ll learn so much from reading their posts. Then, when you do want to move forwards, you will feel confident and able to explain why

10.     Look out for up and coming stars. Whilst the seasoned bloggers may seem appealing, do take care not to overlook the newer ones. They may have smaller numbers now, but they could make great brand ambassadors for you in the future if you catch them while they need you.

How to Make It Work with Bloggers

There are a number of ways you can work with them that include:


  •     Offering competition prizes
  •     Sponsored posts
  •     Advertising
  •     Guest posting
  •     Reviews
  •     Working with a blogger who provides you with content, photos


Find the right blogger and it can be a long and fulfilling relationship for both of you. Good luck!


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