Working With Mental Health First Aid

Working With Mental Health First Aid

mental health first aidWe worked with MHFA, an organisation with numerous instructors, to help them think through and take control of their message, create a company social media policy and start to build individuals’ profiles.


Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England CIC develops mental health literacy in England through training its instructors to deliver a variety of mental health skills courses across the country.

The courses teach people to recognise the signs and symptoms of common mental health problems, provide help on a first aid basis and how to effectively signpost towards support services.

To date MHFA England have developed four courses; the MHFA course for anyone with an interest in mental health, the Youth MHFA course for those in touch with young people, a Trauma Stress Reaction course for those in touch with people suffering from deep trauma or post traumatic stress disorder and very recently the MHFA Lite course which is a three hour introductory mental health awareness course.

The long term vision of MHFA England includes that every adult in England will have attended a course and in doing so will feel free to discuss mental health issues; and that people will seek necessary help at an earlier stage, with an increased chance of full and complete recovery.

When we met:


MHFA is a small but growing organisation. It has a cohesive and enthusiastic core team, but with a growing number of affiliated instructors (all of whom run their own business), it runs the risk of losing control over its own message.

Our Work Together:


During a group MHFA core employee session we found out that thoughts on social media and its effectiveness ranged from annoyance over “too much stuff out there” and “inane updates” to nervousness about being seen as being mundane, or not having the authority or knowledge to back up postings or updates.

We began with a technical session, bringing everyone up to speed on basic techniques and discussing the latest innovations and up and coming profiles.

Everyone was then taken through our own Values and Archetype exercise which helps individuals identify their communication style, and the best way they personally can use social. The problem of not having engaging and authoritative content was addressed as we showed them a sustainable method of creating a stream of content for social media that can be done in ten minutes each morning over a cup of coffee!

The afternoon session moved onto individual profile building, with the goal of more public speaking identified as a KPI for all of the participants, including the National Director Poppy Jaman who is seen as the public face of the organisation.

Finally, a company- wide best practice social media policy was addressed as, with many MHFA instructors representing the organisation, it is vital that there are guidelines and accountability for anyone who is building a public image using the MHFA brand.

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