Business Regrets

Business Regrets

business bar codeThey say it can take two to three years to build a brand from scratch, and that doesn’t include all the backtracks, diversions, changes of direction in response to customer feedback/economic motives or just plain boredom with a certain path.

When I look back at my own business and how it has evolved over the past eleven years the main thing that I regret and that’s how I didn’t take the time to really enjoy and savour all the different stages it has gone through.  I also have met – and lost touch –  with so many interesting people that I wish I had taken more time to get to know some of them.

I also regret listening to other people – some coaches and some authors – about what to do with my business. Two illustrations come to mind and I wonder if you can remember them? The first was when Michael Gerber’s The E-Myth was all anyone talked about in a business setting, and every business coach was keen to get you to systemise and create this entity that could not only exist without you, but also multiply all over the place via a franchise. Now. I’m not knocking this at all as so many people have found it helpful, and it’s a great book, but I went through a period of trying to fit my own business into that little mould, and it just didn’t work. Ultimately, it wasn’t what I wanted my business to be. Although money is a big part, my business  also works because I get to meet and work with great clients, many of which go onto become friends,  as well as keep the business fluid and flexible. I can change my direction in a moment’s notice, if I so wish. So systemising is not for me.

The next one is Timothy Ferriss’  The Four Hour Workweek. It sounded great at first but then I had to ask myself, if you really only want to work four hours a week in your business then you’re in the wrong business. My work is a big part of me and I do it because I relish it.

As you have no doubt experienced, building a brand involves regrets, decisions and even complete U turns.  But at the same time, building a brand can be a brilliant journey – stimulating, fun, challenging with the chance to make serious money, meet interesting people and create an inheritance for the future that really cannot be downplayed. Now that my own children are teenagers and coming on board in their own little ways, I can really see the whole inheritance thing start to happen.

One of the ways my own brand has changed in the last few years is that I went back into industry – I now work part time with a big corporate. PR, marketing and social media is changing so fast that you really need to be at the cutting edge of what you do to keep up…and the corporate I work with helps me do that.

The other way is that for the last year or so I have been focusing on working with a smaller number of clients, working much more closely and one a one to one basis, meeting every month to work on bringing business strategy, PR, marketing and social media together so it all works with each other, rather than against.

I’ve been doing this with my Big Brand Builder programme, and I am just about to start my new intake for this Autumn. You can find out more details here but if you would a  one to one ten month programme that will take you through all this, with month by month meetings where I will be working alongside you so that it really does get done,  here’s a little taster of what’s involved:

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