Ways to Publicise Your Business: Getting the Most From Your Business Club

09 Apr Ways to Publicise Your Business: Getting the Most From Your Business Club

Corinne Stuart, founder of 450 clubJoining a business club can be a savvy way of doing your own PR and getting out there in the business community. Do Your Own PR asked Corinne Stuart, founder of the 450 Club, for her thoughts on making the most of your business club membership…

You’re running your own show. You’re great at what you do. But you how do you make your business bigger, better and more profitable? We used to be able to spend our way to success through advertising but in this increasingly social world we buy on trust and personal recommendation. So how do we reach valuable connections, grow our reputation and grow our business?

One way is to join a business club. We all joined clubs as children. The idea was we’d learn something and have fun whilst we did it. Lightbulb! Yes, nothing’s changed. We’ve come full circle. If you’re not convinced say out loud “Let’s meet at my club” then “Let’s meet in Starbucks”. Which sounds more attractive to you? Which do you think will give you  the best chance of enhancing your reputation and winning new business?

Join The Right Club

  • Go where your customers go or where the people who can deliver your customers go.
  • If they’re are all one side of town, is it wise to join a club way over on the other side?
  • If your market is local solicitors will a club for media types really work for you?
  • Does the club reflect your values? Will it impress your clients?

 Use It

This seems obvious but use it! Use it to work between meetings. Meet your clients there. If you find it difficult to concentrate working from home, work at your club. You’ll be more productive, less distracted by the postman, the delivery for next door and the kettle and more visible to your fellow Members and potential new connections.

Get introduced

Any business club worth its salt will introduce you to fellow members. Ask them when you first apply. If they look at you blankly, don’t join.

 Join In

Build your connections. Go along to club events, take an interest in your fellow Members, be helpful, recommend and refer, offer to speak. These all build reputation and trust. It takes time and effort but you’ll have fun at the same time.

 Show Up

Woody Allen famously said “80% of success is showing up” How many events do you go to? Are you following up on referrals? Meeting members for coffee? Or a drink?

When you it comes to reviewing your club membership not only ask “What did I get out of that?” but also “What did I put in?” After all, if you want to win the lottery you do actually have to buy a ticket.

Are you a member of a business club? We’d love you to share your comments on how effective you find it below…


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