Ideas For PR: Read the Papers

24 Mar Ideas For PR: Read the Papers

news headlinesLook At the Papers

Another good way to keep coming up with ideas for your PR is to buy a pile of newspapers and magazines…a broadsheet, a tabloid and a couple of magazines are a good starting point.

My suggestion is to get away from the office with a coffee for a couple of hours and spend that time looking through the publications looking for ideas that inspire you, themes you can use and news stories you can hang your hook on. Ask yourself, do tnhey involve celebrities or are they hard hitting and topical? Perhaps they use stats from a survey, or personal facts about the business owner.

If they are news stories, you’ll need to work fast, but an exercise like this can often bring you more ideas than you’ll need for a press release. If you have anything left over, use it for ideas for blog posts and Twitter conversations.


by Paula Gardner



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