Ideas For PR: Google Alerts

Ideas For PR: Google Alerts

Google alerts can help you get PRMany clients ask me how do they keep coming up with ideas for PR and, yes, it can be difficult I know. So I have decided to create a mini series covering the different ways to get inspiration, ideas and concepts for PR.  Our idea today is:

Google Alerts

These are alerts that come into your inbox whenever a new post, news item or keyword has been mentioned on the Internet.

The idea behind this is to set up a system whereby you have a multitude of “pings” coming into your inbox that let you know when an article, news item or blog has been written on your keywords. Following up with these links, you can then go to the relevant websites to check them out.  If appropriate you can use :

•    Inspire a press release or blog  post
•    Tweet about them
•    Use them as jumping off spots for articles
•    Approach the journalists who have written the piece

How to do it

You can set these up at: Juts create alerts for any keywords around your chosen subject (British Blue cats/PR/women in leadership/hedge funds for example) and wait for them to arrive. You’ll find that you can trash many of them straight away, but there will be some that will inspire you and get something happening.


by Paula Gardner



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