Why Good Customer Service is Vital for Good PR

Why Good Customer Service is Vital for Good PR

I know that we all pay attention to customer service. In today’s world of name and shame via social media many companies have at least one person who is dedicated to looking after their social media channels, and looking out for comments, both good and bad.  But there are times when exceptional customer service can really make great PR. One example is this little story here

It’s lovely little story,  not just because it makes one little boy very happy, but also because you get the feeling that the person who is replying to him really loves his or her job. And understands their customers, both big and small.

There are other examples of this. Remember the little girl who wrote to Sainsburys to tell them that their Tiger bread was more like giraffe bread, and they renamed it accordingly? If not, you read that story here

And, of course, it can go terribly wrong, especially if your staff aren’t wholeheartedly behind it, or have an axe to grind, as happened with a Thomson employee who sent a number of emails they really shouldn’t have.

And, of course, the latest example is one Tesco employee tweeting they were going to “hit the hay” a short while after the horse meat scandal. While some have appreciated the black humour behind it (I did have a wry smile at it), many newspapers and customers have claimed that it was making light of a serious issue.

What does this mean for us? Well, the bad news is that once something is out there on the net you do tend to lose control over it.  Whether, it is Twitter or a niche forum for your profession, things can soon escalate. So, what can you do?

  •  Set up a Google alert for your company and monitor where you appear.
  • Check out your @ and DM messages on Twitter regularly. Likewise your Linked in and Facebook pages.
  •  If someone does have a complaint, answer politely in public and try and get the conversation offline as soon as possible. Ask them to email you their telephone number and respond in person.
  •  Always, always think before you post.
  • Look out for stories where other businesses have reacted well (or badly) and learn from them!



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