How a Virtual Assistant Can Help You Do Your Own PR

12 Jan How a Virtual Assistant Can Help You Do Your Own PR

Susan MooreI’ve taken several of Paula’s brilliant e-courses over the past few years which resulted in some fabulous PR opportunities.  Once you have the know-how, it’s all about connecting and consistency and this is the challenge for many business owners.  You have your PR strategy in place and a beautifully written press release but you have a constant pull between getting your work done and regularly finding time to build your press list, talk to journalists and respond immediately to media requests.

If you’ve taken the time to get your PR strategy in place, it can be frustrating to see one of your competitors regularly appearing in the press when it could be you!  If you find it hard to dedicate a regular amount of time – and it needn’t be a lot – to raising your profile or if you’d prefer someone else to approach the press on your behalf (at least initially), think about outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant who can dedicate the time and energy to building your PR profile.  This could include:

•    Collating a targeted list of press contacts
•    Emailing tip sheets and press releases to your list
•    Researching PR opportunities
•    Responding to media requests on your behalf
•    Contacting journalists, forward planners and researchers with an article idea or a guest appearance on radio or TV
•    Posting to article submission sites
•    Uploading interviews and hyperlinks to your website, blog or newsletter with links to social media
•    Inviting journalists to your events or press launch

As you build your relationship with journalists, you’ll find that they’re more likely to approach you with other opportunities and you gain a reputation as the expert in your field – you could have your own column this time next year!

Susan Moore is the founder of Moore VA and specialises in helping speakers, authors and business owners to raise their profile.

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