Introducing The Coffee Shop Mice

Introducing The Coffee Shop Mice

The Coffee Shop MiceAfter publishing my Start and Grow Your Own PR Company book on Kindle and finding the experience to be totally positive, this week I published my first children’s book, The Coffee Shop Mice, written for children 6-10.

It’s the story of mouse Kevin who finds himself thrown out from his comfortable, cosy home and into a new world of rats, cats and coffee shops! I wrote it two years ago for my daughter Sophie, who drew the cover. Now I don’t know how many children are out there reading Kindles, but I decided that I wanted to just get it out there and into the world and see what happened with it. Not least because I have lots of ideas for other books and wanted to move on and write those…one of them is the sequel which sort of needs the first one to be out there!

I deliberated for a while on whether to use my real name. I do have another book published under a pseudonymn and to be honest, it is very hard to market and PR. It was by doing this that I realised the power of personal networks and being able to get the word out there by doing stuff like just telling people, announcing it on Twitter and posting in places like this. You don’t always need a full blown PR campaign to get things off the ground.

That’s not to say that I won’t be doing some PR around it. One of my “jobs” this Christmas is to sit down and plan what I am going to do about promoting it. At £2.25 it is not about the money, more about wanting people to read it.

So, if you’ve a Kindle and wondering what to get for a young child this Christmas, I can recommend the most perfect book (grin).


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