Working with Clare Marshall-Turner: Campaign Insight

06 Sep Working with Clare Marshall-Turner: Campaign Insight

Having a good press list is vital, and this is what I have been spending time preparing for Clare Marshall-Turner. An ex IFA turned money coach, Clare now wants to seriously raise her profile and she should. There are plenty of current money experts out there that know far less than Clare with her twenty years experience of being an IFA.

We needed to tap into something current so, of course, students and the financial changes they will have to make, worked perfectly. Read on to see the press release we came up with:Clare Marshall-Turner

Money Advice for New Students (And the rest of us…)

This autumn thousands of new students will be learning how to manage their money on a limited income. For many it may be their first experience of living on a budget, and the increased loans they may well have had to take out to pay for the new higher fees will no doubt add extra stress. But, says Clare Marshall-Turner of , ex IFA turned money coach and guru, dealing with living on such a limited income will set them up with skills that will last them for years to come…and they are probably learning things that would help the rest of us with our own cash.

Money guru Clare Marshall-Turner has some very practical money management advice for students that could also be helpful for us all.

Put Your Money in Pots

No, not those terracotta pots they sell for your money, but different bank and savings accounts where each pot (account) has a clearly defined purpose. Clare suggests the following:

  • 50% of your income should go into the Necessities pot (bills, food, etc)
  • 10% into Education (your own, or your children’s)
  • 10% into Financial Freedom (retirement income, investments that build into residual income)
  • 10% into long term spending (such as saving up for a car)
  • 10% into a giving account*
  • And finally 10% into FUN money (which you are allowed to spend completely on yourself!)

Clare advises people to use pots because “they prevent us from feeling as though we are just living hand to mouth, from day to day. It helps bring balance into our lives and nurture all of us, not just the part that pays the gas bill”.

Face the Truth

Clare is a big fan of straight talking and she says it’s important to include everything that it is a must in your necessities. Many of us either forget to do this, or conveniently “forget” about things to make the situation look more bearable, right down to “forgetting” to add Pet Insurance as a necessity, even though to most pet owners, it most definitely is.

But what if, once you’ve done that, you haven’t got much to spare once you’ve covered the necessities?

Think Out of the Box

Rather than just dream about that sabbatical to go trekking in the Himalayas, Clare uses the previous exercise as a way to ascertain if her clients need to earn more money to really do what they want in their life, and, if they do, she encourages them to think outside the box to think “how”? For some it could be as easy as home crafts sold on ebay or Etsy, more in depth trading in shares or currency (you can practise on these with virtual accounts to get you started,) or renting out a spare room in their house. For students it could be some form of internet marketing or event, a monetized Youtube channel (let’s face it it’s all about the online today!). These things don’t have to take up lots of time, but can help you make money while you sleep!

Clare recently worked with Sally Harris of Sally identified moving to Australia as her long term goal, and set herself a target of saving and extra 10K in 2 years with her local community magazine. Looking carefully, Clare realised that Sally could in fact earn twice that by taking on an extra magazine, which would be much less work now that she had all the experience from running her current one.

As ex Independent Financial advisor, Clare Marshall-Turner, not only works with clients on their all important money mindset, but can also give her clients the practical tools they need to get the most out of their money. Clare has over 20 years experience working with clients on making the most of their money, a huge contact book bulging with experts who can help with anything from getting a self employed mortgage to finding a stock market broker, and a no nonsense approach that sees through the emotional mess that can surround money and gets you back on the track to where you want to be, whether that’s in Australia, or just out of debt.

Clare is currently offering free 45 minute sessions where she guarantees she will un cover your money issues and identify practical steps to solve them. To book one visit speak to Clare on 07739730622

*For those who are saving for education for their children, Clare suggests they may like to reduce the giving account and channel funds into the education account).


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