Time Out Becomes a Free Publication

06 Sep Time Out Becomes a Free Publication

TIme Out magazineWhen I first moved to London, um…er…about twenty years ago now,  there were two publications that every non-Londoner seemed to buy every week. The first was Loot, a very newspaper that was published in a different garish colour every day (I particularly remember the very ugly yellow edition) and the second was Time Out.

Loot was the go-to publication to find a new job, new fridge or new kitten. Time Out was the place to look to work out what you and your mates were going to do on a Friday night (and the rest of the weekend). And now the news that, from September 25th, Time Out will be given out for free at London Zone one and two Tube stations.

The Press Gazette quotes Time Out Editor-in-chief Tim Arthur as saying:

 “Tuesday 25th September will herald a new era for Time Out, with the first edition of the refreshed and free magazine. As ever, our hope is to inspire hundreds of thousands of Londoners to make the most of the greatest city on earth. The new magazine has been redesigned and the editorial re-imagined to make it fresh, informative, relevant and exciting. The move to free will see our circulation soar, taking Time Out’s unique editorial expertise to a huge new audience.”

I always feel sad when I see publications turning completely digital, and abandoning an online version, so I am pleased that Time Out have made the decision to give the mag away for free rather than just stopping it altogether. Yes, it is the start of a new era, and the world of magazines and newspapers is changing, and changing fast.

Perhaps, one day the idea of actually paying for a publication at all will seem absolutely ludicrous?

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