Spam Posts on MY Blog

06 Sep Spam Posts on MY Blog

I accidentally stumbled across the Spam folder on this blog today.  What I didn’t realise was how good WordPress is at funelling out spam before I have to deal with it. And, there are thousands of posts in there. I did spend five minutes having a quick read through as some of them were just so funny. Here is a small selection of snippers that brought a smile to my face:

“It’s awesome to be on a family trip with one more family or to have a friend occur vacation with your family. If you’re close enough using the family, you’re conscious of some with their, um, quirks. If you just aren’t, this could be the time to uncover them!”

This was for sports bets! And my favourite…

“Before setting out for your adventure to the outdoors, get your dog used to the life jacket by putting gucci outlet online shopping on him while at home. “

For the fashion minded…

“I don’ t know how we’ll be able to afford chanel sunglasses plus both of my children afterschool care expenses along with their extracurricular activities. In the past, the several chanel purse comprising the V-belt made chanel bags prices harder for a driver to notice when there is already something wrong with it.”

and the completely incomprehensible:


You news calcio mercato del napoli backward fresh human gas that smells like sulfur nod travel vicoprofen dosage information overlap poorest first commercially sold computer grants rumors prince of persa for wii background hammer thiazide diuretics in diabetes creep unless bug gummies token rarity recede marinade?

Or how about…

“The what is the best stimulant laxative heady corner fluorescein isothiocyanate absorption spectra resume maggot”

Actually, I think that’s probably enough for now. It did give me a little giggle but let’s just say it’s not something I will be doing regularly. Thank you WordPress for being so effective at filtering out all the spam!



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