A Campaign For Backpackers: Campaign Insight

18 Aug A Campaign For Backpackers: Campaign Insight

I am currently working with Essential Travel, focusing on raising awareness of their Backpacker travel insurance. Now, travel insurance isn’t a particularly sexy item to PR so we have had to come up with something more appealing to use as a hook to generate interest. So, for the last month or so I have been working on an A-Z Guide to backpacker’s safety. We timed the launch on Thursday to coincide with the release of the A level results.

The Backpacker book was one third of the campaign. Essential Travel are also running a 15% off promotion on their backpackers insurance, together with a Facebook competition where entrants can win a backpack full of prizes.

To give the campaign even more depth, Essential Travel run a number of survey’s around the subject of backpacking and some of the results were interesting enough to be used in the press release. Here’s an excerpt:


Parents Supporting A Different Kind of Post A level Education

While the publication of A Level results traditionally sees teenagers and their parents thrown into a week of chaos and clearing, there are a growing number of parents who are actively encouraging their offspring to take up a different form of education, and head off travelling.

In an Essential Travel (www.essentialtravel.co.uk) recent survey of parents of young people going on a gap year, 46% of those going on a gap year fall into the 18-20 age range*, and their parents actively encourage their alternative education with 35% of them claiming their children were going on  a gap year to gain work experience, volunteer, learn a language or improve their CV.**

“It improves their knowledge and independence.”   parent of 18-20 year old female)

“It’s good to get out there and see the world.” (mother of 18-20 year old female)

 “The world is a big, wonderful place and I want my children to experience it.”  (parent of less than 18 year old female).


You can see the backpacker campaign and enter the Facebook comp here

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