PR and Pinterest

PR and Pinterest

This week our PR For Girls group had an interesting call with Hela Wozniak-Kay of Sister Snog  and the subject was Pinterest. Hela has really embraced Pinterest and created some great boards over at:

Hela talked about how she just started by creating a board for her brand colours and how it went from there. She now has different boards that enscapsulate some of the things Sister Snog is about – having fun and connecting stylishly, and finds that they are a conversation starter at the least.

I have to admit that I have dabbled a bit just to find out what it is about, but I am more of words person and find Twitter suits me personally – and, remember, we can’t do everything so decided what and what not to do can be just as important as doing it!

But our PR For Girls accountant Kay Daniels was so inspired that she set up her own account and board whilst on the call and here’s the final result:

Impressive don’t you think? I have a sneaky feeling she had fun too…

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