How To Get Your Business on The Radio

How To Get Your Business on The Radio

getting radio coverageMany of my clients are nervous about targeting and using radio as part of their PR campaigns, but it can be a highly effective way to reach people. And, once you’ve got the bug, an extremely enjoyable one too!

I’ve put together a list of ten things you really need to know about getting radio coverage..

  1. Once upon a time going on the radio meant a journey to the station and sitting around until they were ready for you. Nowadays, it can more often than not be done down the phone line…sometimes even on a mobile. Quick, simple and easy – job done in minutes! The shows with the biggest figures often tend to be morning/breakfast shows and drive time so I’d suggest listening to these first to get a handle on how your business might fit into the subject matter.
  2.  You can listen to many shows (or a recording of them) on your computer as you work. No excuses like not having a radio!
  3.  Behind the scenes staff often work shifts, especially in the larger stations, so do be patient when trying to get hold of the right person.
  4. When approaching radio, your best bet is make sure your story is topical and ties in with something in the news. Whizz off a press release on the theme of the day or just call or email telling them what you’ve got to say on the topic (if this is at all controversial, even better).
  5. If you’ve been on the radio before, mention it – especially if you going for one of the national stations.
  6. For the best interviews assume you’re love as soon as you pick up the phone. You might well be. Don’t assume that the host already knows what you do so be prepared to explain quickly and succinctly. Stand, rather than sit, when you are speaking and keep to an even pace – not too slow, not too fast.
  7. If you are going into the studio ask beforehand what they might want you to cover.
  8. Always ask beforehand for a recording of the show – later it might be too late! I always find it helpful to have my phone number written in front of me – sounds stupid but I have heard people go blank and I wouldn’t want that to happen to me.
  9.  Be ready with lots of advice – often radio shows want you to impart good solid tips that people can put into practice straight away.
  10. And, when you’ve done it you may be able to add it as an audio clip (with their permission) on your website, or merely just say “as heard on BBC Radio


Someone who had a great radio experience earlier this year is Heather Waring

“Myself and my East End Girls walking group were featured on Radio 4’s ‘Ramblings’ Programme. It’s really heightened our profile and has brought in many new members for my walking group as well as requests to set up other groups throughout the country. It’s also brought me new clients wanting to train for treks and others who want to walk and be coached at the same time.”

Susan Heaton-Wright of   also found herself on the radio recently:

“With regards to the radio interview, I was promoting a course I was running. However, I had the opportunity to start coaching one of the junior presenters in the studio; quite a challenge as there are mics everywhere and I am normally very interactive with my clients (don’t take that the wrong way!) However, I was able to mention my course, showcase my expertise and I have been invited back. I have coached the young presenter and will be doing some more. She is recording the sessions to provide a regular progress report on how she is developing her speaking skills and voice. I am going to be invited back onto the programme to discuss her progress too. I have been able to put the recording of the interview on my website and it adds some credibility to my expertise.”

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