How Caroline Carr Of My Partner is Depressed Has Raised Her Profile

16 May How Caroline Carr Of My Partner is Depressed Has Raised Her Profile

Building an Online Profile: Case Study Caroline Carr


Caroline Carr

Caroline Carr

One of this things I love best about working with my coaching clients is seeing how things can change in such a short space. Now, with a number of published books, Caroline Carr is no stranger to working on her profile, but what I love most about working with her is that we’ll have a coaching session in the morning and by the afternoon she’s sent me an email updating me with her successes since that morning. A star pupil indeed!

Caroline, tell us about your business and books

I am the founder of  which is a resourse for others whose partners are depressed. This came about because I’ve been there myself and I know what it’s like. I show people that it’s ok to seek help, and that it’s important to take care of their own needs in order to be ok with whatever happens next.  I have a range of techniques tips and tools to help people to do this, many of which I’ve created myself, and there are many resourses on the website, including a forum for partners, friends and families. I am also a hypnotherapist and life coach, and the author of  Living with Depression – how to cope when your partner is depressed, How Not To Worry – how to stop anxiety spoiling your life, and Menopause, the Guide for Real Women.

And what success have you had so far?

When Living with Depression was first published, it was called Living with the Black Dog. I was very lucky with publicity and was on ITVs This Morning , and also Radio 4s Woman’s Hour.This was due to the publishers promoting  and the subject matter – a real life story.

I am often asked for expert comment on radio and press, and do speak at events where I feel it will be useful. I am also on the radio quite a bit, and write some features for national mags and health publications.

Tell us about what you’ve done to get that coverage?

Sending out press releases regularly, following up leads, being present in the social media – Facebook and Twitter, chatting to the press where possible, and guest blogging when asked. Anything and everything which enables me to connect with people who can help me to further my message.

Have you found that your publishers have helped with the book PR or have you had ,to do a lot yourself?

Initially they did a lot, yes. It was a small publisher then, but was bought by a larger publisher, and now I have to market myself mainly, although the fact that I am published in several different languages in different countries helps!

How much time have you been spending on promotional activities?

Hours and hours – couldn’t begin to add up the time.

What profile building activities have you found work for you?

Press releases, following up leads, making personal contact.

And which ones don’t?

I am not sure!

What do you enjoy least about promoting yourself?

I’d prefer to be doing other things, but as it’s so important (particularly with my subject matter as people need to know I’m there),  I know it has to be done.

What’s been your highest point so far Publicity-wise?

This morning TV and Women’s Hour: the response was phenomenal.

And your lowest?

I’ve not had one.

What have you learnt so far?

You have to keep going and have a plan.

What are your plans for the future?

I have a press event coming up with Paula and will be continuing to get my message out there.

How Has Working with Paula and Do Your Own PR Helped You?

It has been transformational. Her experience and know-how is fantastic, and the great thing  is that you remain in control through out, but the support and advice is there.


Caroline has since rebranded to Let The Sunshine In, giving a much more optimistic angle to her work. If you ‘d like the chance to become one of my star pupils then we have a couple of profile building coaching vacancies. Contact me or find out more on my working with me section.

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