Why DIY PR isn't fashionable

13 Apr Why DIY PR isn't fashionable

What I do isn’t popular amongst PR people. Indeed, they will tell people that you need to employ a professional PR person or agency to promote your business. Why? Because they have the contacts, the know-how and the experience.

And all this is true. If you can employ a good PR agency then great, go for it. But chances are if you can afford to employ a PR company then you don’t need me anyway. My clients are generally people and businesses who don’t have the budget for a PR agency – it’s all well and good telling them to employ a professional PR company but if you don’t have the budget that advice is not going to help you. My clients need that promotion and need to know how to do it themselves.

Many of them do go onto grow and then employ a PR professional. This works out well because once they have had some experience of doing PR they know what works, and what doesn’t and it generally makes for a good working relationship with the agency.

Some of my clients have used an agency in the past and want to now do it in-house. Sometimes they didn’t get the results they wanted from the PR company, sometimes they even got ripped off.

I then do what I can to minimise any damage and work with them on taking their promotion forward. They like having the control doing their own PR brings, and it is often more worthwhile to train an inhouse member of staff in how to do PR properly, than send the money out of house.

So, there is a place for what I do. Okay, it’s not popular with PR people, who often express horror at the thought of someone doing it themselves – but of course they would say that wouldn’t they?


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