PR strategy Consultation or PR Coaching?

03 Apr PR strategy Consultation or PR Coaching?

One conversation I often have with prospective clients  is around whether PR coaching or a one off consultation is better.

My reply is always that it depends on the person involved.

I have found that some people, and I don’t want to generalise here but men do often all into this category, tend to prefer a PR consultation where we sit down for three hours and work through a PR campaign plan stage by stage. We talk through the different ways a client can be hitting their target market and the message they could go with, and work out a sensible system and PR plan that suits them and their resources, time, skills and business.

Whilst you may be reeling by the end of the session, you will have it all there, step by step. Everything is at your fingertips.

I find this works particularly well for people who like to see step by step how they at going to get to the end result. They like to work with the end in mind. It is great for self starters who just want to get on with it, or those who just want the knowledge to implement it at their ease.

PR coaching , however, suits a different type of client.

As I tend to be to know a client well during coaching, this tends to be more tailored to the individual client and their habit, strengths and skills. It also involves having me kick them up the proverbial so is great for people who perhaps tend to procrastinate or need a hand getting PR back to the top of the list. I have become great friends with some of my coaching clients, and whilst some may use me for three or four sessions and then go away, equipped with all they need, others have worked with me for years now.

PR coaching does involve a certain level of support and ongoing brainstorming. It has a flexible element that can respond to what’s going on now…whether it be something in the economy that you can use a hook for your business, or something that is happening in your own business.

Each method of working has its own strengths and appeal, and I enjoy working in both ways, although I would have to say that nothing beats the buzz and adrenaline of a full one to one strategy consultation!

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