How Public Speaking is your most powerful form of PR… if you do it right!

How Public Speaking is your most powerful form of PR… if you do it right!

A guest post by Sarah Lloyd-Hughes.

Sarah is author of “How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking” (Pearson) and founder of Ginger Training & Coaching, who specialise in developing inspiring public speakers.

Minute-for-minute, there’s no better way to spread the word about your business than standing up and speaking about it.

But there’s a knack to it, because if you do it just like everyone else, with that dreary powerpoint and a ‘professional’ tone of voice, you’ll probably get the same response as everyone else… an audience who’s polite for a short while, until they start wondering if they’ve got any new emails on their Blackberry.

Compare the public speaking norm to the power of speakers featured on Here’s a platform of, let’s face it – lectures – that has been viewed well over 200 million times. TED speakers, even the more minor ones, attract tens of thousands of views for their talks and their professional reputation rockets as a result.

So what’s the secret? What can we learn from TED Talks?

   1. Be human

When you’re asked to do a TED Talk, you’re asked to dream big, to tell a story and to be vulnerable. These are all ways to start connecting with your audience as human beings rather than business robots. When we connect with a speaker, we listen to them. When we listen to them, we remember them. When we remember them, we do business with them.

   2. Be innovative

Some of the greatest TED moments have come from something really unusual happening on stage – whether it’s Arthur Benjamin’s “Mathemagic”, or Jamie Oliver dumping a wheelbarrow of sugar onto the stage. Think about how your message could benefit from a vivid story, a memorable prop, or something unusual you ask your audience to do.

   3. Be powerful

TED speakers know what change they want to see in the world and they aren’t afraid to ask for it. The most powerful TED speakers know the specific change they are seeking in the audience – whether it’s for you to understand their technique, or see world in a different way. Then, you’ll see that they ground themselves in their message or, literally, stand firmly in what they believe in. Like a King or Queen giving an order, they standing still and ask the audience to ‘come to me’.

If you learn how to Speak Like a TED Talker, clients and speaking opportunities will begin to gravitate towards you. Because there’s nothing an audience likes more than a powerful speaker.

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