Why Online PR Is Vital

Why Online PR Is Vital

Online PRPR is often thought to encompass just real life media such as newspapers, magazines and the web, but there’s a whole world of online PR that needs attention as part of your business growth.

Why Online PR is so vital

Think about what happens when someone reads your name in a magazine or newspaper. Unless it’s a household phenomenon such as Crown Paints or Paris Hilton then chances are they’ve got to not only remember your name but also the web address too. I don’t know about you, but I can think of countless occasions when I’ve come across a business’ name in a magazine at the dentists waiting room or a friend’s house, thought to myself “I’ll have to take a look at them I get back to the office” and promptly forgot all about it. Online PR and marketing promotion means that your name and website address is already there in front of your potential customer. All they have to do is click on it. What could be simpler than that?

It’s a Virtuous Circle

Write more articles; get mentioned on more websites and you’ll attract more people to your site or profile. Get more people coming to your site and you’ll be more likely to appear higher in the search engines when people search under your keywords and phrases. How cool is that?

You can’t get much Cheaper than This

In the world of business promotion online PR and marketing is as cheap as it gets. No investment in designing funky brochures, no paying out for high quality and expensive stationery, or exorbitant postage charges. A quick email accompanied by the relevant documents – press release, photographs, articles etc – followed up with a phone call. All it needs is your time – a small investment for such a potentially huge return.

It’s Easy To Track

Whilst it’s hard to know who came to your site through what article and which offer, tracking online PR and marketing is easy. If you’ve access to your web statistics you should be able to see the addresses of the sites where people are coming from – and watching how those figures correspond to the efforts you are putting in. If you haven’t got access to web stats, get that sorted right now. http://www.google.com/analytics will do the trick.

You Can Also See Who’s Buying

If you’re getting a lot of click through from one particular site but no one’s buying you can take a look at why – are they clicking through on a message that doesn’t really convey what you are selling? Equally, the sites where people are coming to you and buying are the ones that need your attention. Look at ways that you can strengthen your association with and appearances on these sites through news items, articles, competitions, postings in the forums, comments in the blog etc – and also look for other similar sites where you might the same level of success.

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