How Long Does PR Take To Show Results?

How Long Does PR Take To Show Results?

clockYes, you probably already know what I am going to say: “How long is a piece of string?” But that old cliche is true: there really is no hard and fast rule as to how long it will take to see returns from your PR activities.

For some people it happens straight away – especially those within a niche or that already have a good story. Sometimes, it’s just a case of your email or press release landing on the right desk at the right time and bingo, you’re in.

For others, it can take a while longer. But think about it: that journalist doesn’t know you from the next person or business, so why should they suddenly decide to write about you just at the time you decide to get in contact with them? You have to build your brand, not only with the public, but with the press.

But, while I can’t tell you how long it will take, what I do know is:

  • You need to focus on building your brand with the press. This means repeated and valuable interactions, lots of content, tips, advice.  Keep sending them stuff and eventually they will clock who you are and when the right article/review/think piece/guest slot comes along, will remember you for it.
  • Manage your expectations. If you are after Vogue or The Sunday Telegraph but just aren’t a big enough name or have a big enough story right now, you are going to be very,very lucky to get in. Your time might be better spent going after content on lots of websites (great, people only have to click to get to your own site) and increasing your search engine standing, for the moment.
  • Celebrate the wins. The more coverage you get, even if it’s only small, the more you will get in the future. After a certain point, PR snowballs.
  • Take every opportunity to meet the press. If your target publication is holding an event, fork out for a ticket and go along. Considering holding your own press event, or stalk your favourite journalist on Twitter and see what events they might be attending
  • Use Google Analytics to work out how people are finding out about you and fine tune your PR activities accordingly.
  • Concentrate on activities that you and your team enjoy and have the right skillset to carry out well. If someone isn’t a natural writer but very comfortable on Twitter and Facebook, utilise them in that way and find someone else to write the press releases etc.
  • If you speak to customers on the phone ask them how they heard of you and again, adjust your activities accordingly.
  • Take a look at your diary and assign regular time to PR, just as you would an external meeting.
  • PR does work, although sometimes not in the straight forward way you think it will.

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