Responding to Industry News

06 Dec Responding to Industry News

I have recently started working with a tax company that┬áspecialises in dealing with tricky cases such as construction workers on CIS who might have a few year’s of back tax or overpayment to sort out, but also work with anyone who needs to do a tax return and wants a third party to take the stress out of the process.

It’s interesting as it’s a business that has to act quickly on outside forces. When HMRC announced this week that electricians are now the target of a big tax campagn in an effort to collect back unpaid tax, we had to respond really quickly. And you know what? It was rather exciting. As a result we now have an article in one professional magazine and another going on a trade website, which I am rather proud about!

And the PR moral is: watch your industry news and respond to it as soon as possible. Subscribe to relevant trade journals and keep an eye on their websites or RSS feeds where you’ll see the news first. Then act upon it.

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