Social Media Success Tip No 1

15 Dec Social Media Success Tip No 1

Twitter logoSome of my clients are bemused by social media. They may have dabbled in Facebook a little but can’t see how that, or any other type of Social Media, can work for them. To be honest, it is a little like a leap of faith. I have been using Social Media properly for about a year now, and it’s only just now that I am getting clients through it. Now, that may be that it’s taken me a year to get to this position, or it might be that the way we use Social Media is changing and getting clients through it is going to become more of the norm.

But, whatever the reason, it just shows that it’s not something you can ignore.

Besides,¬† many of your clients or customers…if not a significant majority…will be using it. Not making the effort to do so makes you look like a dinosaur and your business look old fashioned. Now, there may be some instances where this is the desired image: perhaps an old school gentleman’s tailors in Savile Row. But, for most of us, we need to look energetic, up with the times and in tune with our people.

I’ve decided to put together series of social media tips and will be releasing them here on this blog, every now and again. I’ll be looking at how to use it in a way that suits you and your brand, how to get the most of it without letting it rule your life, how to reach the press through social media, and how to come up with new ideas for posts and interactions.

And the first¬† of these tips is this: If you are not in Social Media in some form or other you are simply not walking your talk. And that’s not good PR.


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