Psychometric Testing and Coaching For Recruitment, Development and Empowerment

My name Paula Gardner. I am a Business Psychologist, and deliver strengths based coaching and training. As a past owner of a PR an marketing agency I was intrigued to see the sort of issues that hold businesses back. These included leadership, confidence, dysfunctional teams and a lack of organisation to name a few. This inspired me to to retrain as a business psychologist and coach. I now use the best of cutting edge psychology and research to help businesses and organisations succeed.


This unique combination means that I can work with people at all levels. This can include deep work such as limiting beliefs. It can also encompass training around the practical and gritty how-to in the fast moving world that business is today.


I have also hand-picked a team of coaches, experts and psychologists from all backgrounds who can deliver coaching and training globally.


Work with coach and trainer Paula Gardner and Scarlet Thinking


Our work covers the following areas:


Scarlet Coaching: Strengths based coaching to help you through times of transition, new roles, leadership responsibilities or difficult decisions


Scarlet Profiling: Psychological profiling and coaching. Uncover your strengths, motivations and preferred communication style to create a unique and – here’s the important bit – fun development plan


Stand Out Like Scarlet: A day to create a profile raising strategy built around your own unique communication style. Ideal for individuals in new roles, looking for promotion or a seat on the board or business owners who are the face of their brand


Scarlet Training: Bespoke and ready made training sessions that range from fun, interactive lunch and learn sessions to full day workshops.


Why Coaching and Training with Scarlet Thinking?


Clients say they appreciate my ability to bring a level of warmth, groundedness and occasionally even humour to our work together. My cross industry work, plus history as a business owner, allow me to grasp issues pertinent to leadership and business growth.


My own areas of interest include ethical leadership, confidence and visibility and my academic research reflects that. Please do feel free to contact me to request a copy of my research if this is of interest. My associate coaches have equally rich backgrounds which add extra value to any coaching and training relationship.


What do you mean by “Nurturing” in coaching and training?


Scarlet Thinking uses a strengths based approach and positive psychology. This helps you create an environment and culture that supports and nurtures you and your people for who they are, and not try and mould anybody into someone else. We eschew blame culture. It is our mission to promote psychologically positive and healthy work environments and practices…even if it’s just you working alone.


How does coaching and training with Scarlet Thinking work?


We like building long term relationships with our clients. As a PR company owner I worked with many happy clients for a decade or more. I set that high standard for Scarlet Thinking today. Please contact me to arrange an initial chat or meeting with me here

“Paula has truly re-energized my business. Her creativity, passion, and ability to see the larger picture were evident from day one. Working on my own, I value her collaborative and supportive process.  I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”
Clinical psychologist and personal brand consultant,  Lisa Orban of Golden Note Book.
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