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Paula Gardner is a leadership trainer, business psychologist and executive coach using the framework of Scarlet Thinking to help today’s leaders.  Scarlet Thinking combines contemporary leadership styles, such as Host and Innovation leadership, and is based on the latest academic research. The Scarlet Thinking leadership framework concentrates on seven fundamentals of leadership: social, community, authenticity, radical, legacy and ethical. It is an approach to leadership that particularly suits organisations that want to build strong customer loyalty and increase staff retention by transforming a team into a community.


Scarlet Thinking offers a leadership programme set against Medieval and Renaissance Italian history and executive coaching packages. Workshops on subjects such as Visibility and Reputation Building, Well-Being in the Workplace and Team Personalities are also available.  Additionally, Paula runs Mastermind groups in London for business owners.


Paula has been coaching business leaders for over 15 years, is the past owner of her own PR company, and has written for a wide array of publications including the Guardian, HR Zone and Psychologies magazine. She is also the author of Get Noticed and Do Your Own PR.


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“Paula always comes up with innovative ideas to approach an opportunity”
– Debbie Wren, Director, Ifortunecookies.