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Do you have member of the team or organisation that should be out there, getting known and helping build the brand? Or perhaps you’re a CEO or senior manager who knows that you should step into the limelight but you feel uncomfortable and ill at ease? You may have decided that you’re ready for promotion or partnership and feel that a more visible profile will help you get there. Or perhaps you own your own business and know that you should be the face of the brand, but something is holding you back.


I am business psychologist and ex PR practitioner who supports and coaches visible leaders.  In practice, this means that I often work with:


  • Senior team members and CEOs who need to raise their profile
  • Private clients who want to become more visible to help with their promotion/job search/ambition to become partner or sit on the board
  • Business owners who want to boost their public reputation, and in doing so, that of their business and brand


Work with me


I work with my clients to raise their profile, but do so in a way that is authentic and in line with their values. Many of us have been brought up to feel uncomfortable at the thought of shining our light. We may worry that it could be perceived as bragging or being “too big for out boots.” I work with you to track down your psychological blocks and help you move forward.


Perhaps you are happy with the idea of a more enhanced, higher profile reputation, but just don’t know how to go about it. I can help you put together a plan of action that suits your personalty, as well as taking into account the time and resources you have available.


You can choose from:



Contact me to arrange a call to discuss what might suit you or your organisation.


VIP offering


As a result of my research dissertation on modern leadership, I have created the framework of Scarlet Thinking® . This helps today’s leaders step into leadership and become more visible. I’ve created the unique della Scala  leadership programme set against Medieval and Renaissance Italian history. You truly won’t find anything else like this.


I have been coaching visible leaders, business owners and individuals for over 15 years. Previously I owned my own PR company, based at St Katherine’s Dock in London. I have spoken world-wide and written for a wide array of publications including the Guardian, HR Zone and Psychologies magazine. I am also the author of Get Noticed and Do Your Own PR.


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“Paula always comes up with innovative ideas to approach an opportunity”
– Debbie Wren, Director, Ifortunecookies.
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