Paula Gardner: Business Psychologist and Coach

paula gardner coachI am business psychologist and coach. I help my clients to be bolder in their lives, in their careers, in their business and in their decisions.


My approach is a unique blend of business psychology and transformational coaching. I combine this with my twenty plus years of experience, skills and contacts in PR and marketing.


One of my strongest beliefs is that we can all change, start over again or seriously up-level. The problem is that we sometimes can’t envision what we do want. That can leave us feeling lost, without a map, and more likely to fall back on the same set of patterns and comfortable behaviour.


This is why change can be hard to do on your own. I am here to support you, motivate you and help you get there.


Coaching with Paula Gardner


I’ve worked with people of all industries, all levels and ages, on subjects as diverse as:


  • Raising profile
  • Leadership
  • Career change
  • Divorce and break-ups
  • Motivation
  • Adopting new habits
  • Growing a business
  • Confidence and assertivenss
  • Self-care
  • Stress
  • Organisation and time-management


About Paula Gardner, business psychologist and coach


I am the author of two text books: Get Noticed and Do Your Own PR. I have appeared in The Guardian, HR Zone, Thrive Global, Huffington Post and Psychologies magazine. I’ve spoken at conferences all over the world and am on the advisory board for women’s business club, Sister Snog.  Finally, I am a member of The Association of Business Psychologists, adhering to the British Psychological Society’s coach of ethics.


Working with me


Our work together often begins with a psychometric test. This gives us insight into your strengths, weaknesses and preferred sets of behaviours. This is rich data. It all allows us to to see behaviours, skills or patterns that you may not even be aware of yourself. I don’t have a set approach to coaching. One session may be strategic, creating a plan of action for instance, whilst another might be motivational or even delving deep into limiting beliefs or thought patterns that may be holding you back.  We work in the way that we need to in the moment and always with the desired outcomes that you came with in the first place.


Let’s see if we are a good fit. You can arrange a chat or meeting with me here

“Paula has truly re-energized my business. Her creativity, passion, and ability to see the larger picture were evident from day one. Working on my own, I value her collaborative and supportive process.  I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”
Clinical psychologist and personal brand consultant,  Lisa Orban of Golden Note Book.
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